Trail cams inside Madrid home spot more cats

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DES MOINES – It’s now been a week since ARL teams and local police went into a Madrid home and rescued hundreds of kittens and cats.

According to the ARL, the latest report is 176 living cats and 194 dead cats, totaling 370 cats found on the property. 

The original warrant expired Sunday, so the ARL is working with Polk County officials to extend the warrant to allow for the rescue of more cats this week.  Trail cams were placed inside the buildings over the weekend and more cats have been spotted on camera inside the house and outbuildings, so ARL officials will continue to humanely trap these and any other remaining cats.

“We knew on Day 1 with the amount of debris and with hundreds of cats on the property that this was going to have to be a multi-day rescue,” said Tom Colvin, CEO for the ARL. “We continue to catch about a dozen more cats each day, but with so many new people on the property and countless hiding spots, the rescue continues for those who have been hiding.”

The ARL had an extremely successful adoption event this weekend.  An average of eight pets were adopted every hour, for a total of 112 pets, 82 of which were cats.

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