Two zebras introduced at Blank Park Zoo

Local News

DES MOINES — For the first time since 2011, you can see zebras at Des Moines’ Blank Park Zoo.

The zoo announced Tuesday that 3-year-old Duke and 4-year-old Duchess, a pair of Hartmann’s Mountain Zebras, are now at the zoo.

Duke the zebra

“Zebra are one of the top requests guests have asked me to bring to Blank Park Zoo,” Blank Park Zoo CEO Mark Vukovich said. “There are only 35,000 mountain zebras left in natural areas, so we are proud they will be able to participate in the Species Survival Program to help preserve and protect zebras for future generations.”

Duchess the zebra

The zoo says zebras can be startled easily, so it took several months for the pair to be introduced to a new habitat before guests were be able to see them.

The zoo previously had a pair of plains zebras in 2011.

Zookeepers are currently introducing Duke and Duchess to a pair of ostriches.

Until the introduction is complete, the two will time-share the habitat with the ostriches and guests will be able to see the zebras every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

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