Video game lets students go inside D-Day

Local News

INDIANOLA- Modern technology is allowing Indianola High School students to step into a pivotal day in world history. Local 5 and Bankers Trust are proud to give the school the One Classroom at a Time educational grant to teacher Amy Edwards to help her bring a video game into her classroom for a special project.

The students will use the game Minecraft to explore D-Day. Minecraft is a game popular with elementary and middle school kids. It’s described as online building blocks. Kids can create interactive worlds online, one block at a time.

Minecraft recently released an educational program, and Ms. Edwards wants to bring it into her classroom to study World War II, saying “There was a lot of ingenuity at that time period on both sides that were fighting and there was a lot of innovation and a lot of problem solving and history leaves that aside if all you do is take notes in class.”

Her students will study D-Day using historical pictures and documents, and then they’ll have to recreate that day in their virtual world. She hopes it will show them the human side of the war that often gets lost in text books.

As part of the One Classroom at a Time grant, Ms. Edwards and her students also win a cultural workshop from Cultureall. 


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