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DES MOINES – A Des Moines family’s car is stolen right from inside their own garage — all while they are inside the house sleeping.


Security camera footage from inside the garage shows the thief getting inside the car and driving away with it. The shocking video is something the family never expected to see. It happened early Sunday morning in the 2200 block of 33rd Street in Des Moines.

Once the family checked the surveillance video captured their security camera, they were shocked to learn whoever stole their car easily got into their garage. The thief easily opens the garage, walks inside and then drives away just after 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

“We were going to go to lunch around 10 o’clock and we opened the door and see that my Subaru’s gone,” Zach Stec said.

So how did the thief get in? Stec says the keys to the Subaru somehow fell out of his son Jamis’ diaper bag, and the keys were left inside their other car, along with the garage door opener.

“We walked over here and looked and there was a hammer just sitting in the driver’s side,” Stec said.

The car outside was unlocked, so the thief did not need to use a hammer to break in.

“I’m here every day alone with my son,” said Jennifer Brown, Stec’s girlfriend. “So to know that our security was breached and our home was invaded by somebody definitely feels, makes us feel just not safe.”

The Stec family says they wanted to keep their bikes safe, which is why they installed the surveillance camera inside their garage. But they never expected to see their car get stolen instead.

“I’ve lived here for 10 years and never had any issues with that,” Stec said.

Police are now looking for the car — and are optimistic it will turn up.

“I’d say probably in 90 percent of our stolen car cases we’ll find them,” said Sgt. Paul Parizek with the Des Moines Police Department. “They turn up usually nearby or we’ll find them in a parking lot somewhere. Somebody uses them, it’s kind of a destination crime, they use them to get from point A to point B.”

Zach, Jennifer and even little Jamis are hoping the car will return soon.

“This is going to be Jamis’ car when he grows up,” Stec said.

But they’ll continue to worry until the thief is caught.

“We’re still on edge,” Brown said. “It’s only been two days and I’m just hoping that nothing happens and that they aren’t connected to other horrible people that could do something worse.”

Stec and Brown say they will now double check to make sure their car doors are locked. They are also adding more security than just the indoor camera. They have ordered a WiFi system that will notify them any time the garage door opens.

Here is more information about the car: it is a 2015 silver Subaru Impreza four-door hatchback. it also has a Nebraska Cornhuskers car sticker on the back window. If you see it, call police.


Take a look at the above video. The Stec family said they woke up on Monday morning to their car gone from their locked garage. They believe someone stole a pair of keys, and then got inside the garage and took off in the car. The Stecs live in the 2200 block of 33rd Street in Des Moines.

Police tell Local 5 that they’re looking for the stolen car, and are hopeful they’ll find it. 

Local 5 is following this story, and will have more updates tonight at 6.

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