What is “Project Bluejay”?

Local News

BONDURANT — A massive distribution center coming to Bondurant is set to bring more than 1100 jobs to the city. But the company behind it all, is still under wraps.

The mystery development will break ground in November along Highway-65, east of NE Hubbell Avenue.

The city told Local 5 the 165 acres of farmland will be home to a five-story, 780,000 square foot building.

They’re working with a Minnesota-based developer to make way for a new company to move to the site.

But the company itself still wants to remain secret.

“They are talking about breaking ground in November of this year, so I would anticipate we will probably have something by year end who this company is going to be. Until then it’s kind of a fun little guessing game it’s kinda like, kinda like a Christmas gift that will be open for the city very soon,” Bondurant City Councilman Wes Enos said.

One thing the city says they do know for certain is this will increase the land value for Bondurant homeowners. Along with bringing much-needed tax revenue to their school district.

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