With less than three weeks from the caucuses, Iowa Democratic Party discusses security, changes to caucus night

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DES MOINES – Security is a top priority on caucus night for the Iowa Democratic Party, as there will be many new changes for the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucus.

Local 5 got some answers and more information regarding those changes in an interview with Troy Price, chairman of the IDP. He outlined changes to the way people caucus and how caucus night will play out for voters, as well as how the media and the public will receive results from the party on February 3.

The party will be using a smartphone app that will hopefully get results out to the public in a quicker fashion. Price would not provide more information about the name of the company or companies behind the app, but ensured that security is a top priority. He said state party officials have been working “hand in glove” with the national party’s cybersecurity team to make sure the system is secure come caucus night.

“It should make caucus night a smoother process for everyone involved,” said Price. “And here’s the thing about the app: there are back-ups on back-ups on back-ups, and at the end of the night we still have a paper trail. With our presidential preference cards we’re introducing this year, there are ways to count the room even after the caucus is done.”

Caucus-goers can also check in to their precincts before caucus night to speed up the process. The IDP has created a new website for all of the information about changes to the caucus. You can visit it here.

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