Women setting records in politics

Local News

Cindy Axne won the Democratic primary for Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, and knows that her victory is part of an emerging pattern.

“I think people have sent the message, it’s really important to hear a woman’s voice when it comes to making decisions in this state and across the country,” Axne said. 

Local 5 political analysts say part of the reason people are seeing more women running for office has to do with President Trump and the woman who ran against him, HIillary Clinton.

“Part of it is continuing reaction to the Trump administration,” said Pat Rynard of Iowa Starting Line. “Women are not happy with things he’s said, and in reaction to policies at statehouse this year.”

Craig Robinson with The Iowa Republican also believes Clinton provided an opportunity for women in politics.

“Even though Hillary Clinton lost, I still think she opened doors,” Robinson said. “I think more women will run for elected office than ever.”

To hear more from Rynard and Robinson, as well as Democratic nominee for governor Fred Hubbell, tune in to “This Week in Iowa” Sunday at 9 a.m. on Local 5

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