Local print shop continues Mollie Tibbetts’ legacy


BROOKLYN – A print shop right in the center of town is helping keep Mollie Tibbett’s spirit alive with something they hope she would be proud of. 

“Live Now” was there from the beginning. Printing thousands of flyers and spreading Mollie’s picture across the state.

“I had more people volunteering than I knew what to do with. We were really just pushing hard to get our jobs done,” said Owner Joy VanLandschoot.

Months later, the business is keeping the Brooklyn native’s spirit alive through “Mollie’s Movement – Finding Others.

“It’s to help bring a voice to those who can’t be heard, which is the missing, and get some stories out there that maybe aren’t getting attention,” said VanLandschoot.

Their goal is to not let any case go cold while providing support to families like the Sebastian “Ty” Husted’s.

“I’m grateful that there’s an organization who’s sort of speaking out for people who don’t have a voice,” said Iesha Husted.

Her brother Ty has been missing since January 22 of last year. The Centerville native was working in Lineville, Missouri, but he never made it home from work.

“He and I are close. I think that we’re closer than me and my twin brother. There are times where I think he’s alive, but I know he wouldn’t be gone this long or not get ahold of somebody. I won’t ever stop looking for him or looking for answers,” said Husted.

While their family continues their search, “Live Now” will continue their support by taking on missing person cases like Ty’s.

“They’re just like anybody else’s niece or nephew, uncle or aunt, or sister or brother, and we want answers for their family,” said VanLandschoot.

The business isn’t a non-profit, but some of the proceeds from whatever is sold on the Mollie’s Movement website is being used to pay it forward and help families with missing loved ones. If you know anyone that may be missing and would like some flyers made, you can submit an application through the website and the staff will try to help you in any way that they can.

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