Mollie Tibbetts’ boyfriend confident she will be found


BROOKLYN – 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts was last seen in Brooklyn, IA on Wednesday night.

Her boyfriend, Dalton Jack, discussed what has happened.

Dalton says he and Mollie have been dating for just about 3 years.

He was working in Dubuque the day Mollie disappeared, and only found out after friends and family called him late Thursday afternoon.

As soon as he heard Mollie was missing, he went back home to Brooklyn to look for her.

He, along with hundreds of volunteers in town, searched through every area Mollie could’ve been.

Because he was away, he says he didn’t realize Mollie was missing until he got a panicked phone call.

“One of her coworkers called me and said Mollie had not called into work that day, and she hadn’t showed up,” Jack says. “And then I looked at the messages and she hadn’t opened or read the message, and then I started getting in contact with her friends and family saying ‘have you seen her or heard from?”

“And they all said the same thing, no we haven’t heard from her since yesterday.”

Dalton says the last time he heard from Mollie was on Wednesday. She had sent him a SnapChat that he ended up opening at 10 p.m.

Authorities stopped volunteers from searching for Mollie last Friday.

Dalton says he’s confident they’ll find her and will bring her back home safely.

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