“Pinky” the Pit Bull wins court case


DES MOINES – “Pinky” the Pit Bull could soon be heading home for the first time in two years after a decision by the Iowa Court of Appeals. 

In March 2016 “Pinky” was taken from her home after she attacked a neighbor’s cat. The City of Des Moines ruled that she should be put down after citing that she was dangerous under a city ordinance. 

“Let her come home and let’s move on with our lives and let’s worry about animals who are really in need,” said Diann Helmers, Pinky’s owner. 

On Wednesday, the Iowa Court of Appeals ruled that the city’s ordinance on dangerous animals is too vague. The court stated that Pinky should be returned to her family unless the city appeals to the Iowa Supreme Court. 

“This is a habitual problem in the City of Des Moines, more than any other city and I’ve dealt with a lot of animal control issues”, said Helmers. 

Local 5 reached out to the Animal Rescue League but was told to read a statement from the City of Des Moines which reads: 

“The city respects the legal process, but was disappointed
with this ruling … Ms. Helmers – who has no prior relationship
to the dog has rejected repeated offers from the city
since march 2017 to resolve the matter by sending the dog to
a “no kill” shelter out of state for potential adoption”.

Helmers’ lawyer says the City of Des Moines has 20 days to appeal Pinky’s case to the Iowa Supreme Court. If they do not move forward with the appeal, Pinky will go home. 

( For a full interview with Pinky’s owner, WATCH the video above)

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