Pompeo talks trade with Iowa farmers


DES MOINES – After a busy day of events, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed a crowd full of farmers and ag leaders at the World Food Prize Headquarters.

He wasted no time complimenting all that farmers do, and trying to ease their concerns about the trade war.

“Unfortunately China has taken a different approach,” said Secretary Pompeo. “It has a state-lead sets of economic practices that threaten the health of the American agriculture industry that you’ve all worked so hard to develop.”

It was a critically timed trip to the Hawkeye State for Secretary Pompeo. Iowa is a battleground in the current trade war with China that greatly impacts the local agriculture sector. 

“And I know first hand too how farmers are the backbone of America,” he said. “How food security matters so much and how the people of Iowa do to deliver that every place in the world.”

Secretary Pompeo kept his remarks here at the World Food Prize HQ short and simple on Monday night. Asking farmers to stand firm with Trump on trade. 

“Help is on the way. American producers and Chinese consumers will both be better off. The outcome of President Trump’s trade negotiations currently underway will pay dividendsin each of our two countries. The president is taking a very hard line of stopping the theft of intellectual property.”

Pompeo, flanked by U.S. Ambassador to China and former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad. Brandstad says he believes progress had been made, and a deal could be near. But knows farmers want answers.

“Iowa farmers take the long view of things and I was Govduring the farm crisis,” said Ambassador Branstad. “I know farmers have been through a lot of difficulty and challenges. But I also know Iowa farmers want to see something that that’s going to be long lasting and permanent.”

U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad and United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo couldn’t tell us a timeline for a deal. But they are hoping for long-term agreements. 

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