Protesters in WDSM for new Verizon 5G installations

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WEST DES MOINES – Protestors stood on University Ave. in West Des Moines on Thursday, June 13 to protest the new Verizon 5G small cell installations being put up around the Des Moines area. 

The protestors are from a group called Iowans for Responsible Technology and they are worried about the health risks that 5G will have on our community. Saying that children should not have to face the dangers that 5G poses just for faster download speeds. 

The new 5G small cell installation the group protested near has not yet been turned on, but they say that several more are already in the works of being installed around the metro. 

Des Moines is one of 20 U.S. cities where Verizon plans to roll out 5G service in 2019. says, “5G cell towers are more dangerous than other cell towers for two main reasons. First, compared to earlier versions, 5G is ultra-high frequency and ultra-high intensity. Second, since the shorter length millimeter waves (MMV) used in 5G do not travel as far (or through objects), with our current number of cell towers the cell signal will not be reliable. To compensate many more mini cell towers must be installed. It is estimated that they will need a mini cell tower every 2 to 8 houses. This will greatly increase our RF Radiation exposure.” 

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