RAGBRAI: Lemonade Stand


FORT DODGE, Iowa – Local 5’s RAGBRAI Team stops by a very special lemonade stand.

Meet 14-year-old Alexis.  When she was in kindergarten, she learned she needed hearing aids and was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss.  

After awhile, her hearing got worse and she underwent surgery for two cochlear implants to help her hear. 

During that time, Alexis noticed her vision was getting worse, along with her hearing.  After about two years of testing, she found out she has a gene mutation.  Alexis says that means loss of hearing, balance problems and loss of muscle tone. 

Now, Alexis has a dream to travel the world before she can no longer see.  She set up a lemonade stand along the RAGBRAI path this week to help raise funds for her dream.

If you can’t stop by Alexis’ lemonade stand, help her out online.  A page on GoFundMe to take donations. 

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