Sen. Nate Boulton drops out of governor’s race


DES MOINES – Less than 24 hours after an article was published detailing alleged sexual misconduct allegations against Sen. Nate Boulton, the Democratic candidate for governor has dropped out of the race.

According to a campaign staffer, Boulton wants to focus on his job as a state senator, and wants to move the conversation about sexual misconduct forward, but out of the spotlight as a gubernatorial candidate.

A Des Moines Register article details three women’s separate allegations of sexual misconduct by Boulton, one of the instances dating back 15 years ago, when Boulton was a student in law school.

In one of the alleged incidents, Sharon Wegner of Des Moines says Boulton grabbed her behind while at a bar with some friends. 

One of the friends, Ash Bruxvoort, said she saw the whole thing happen. 

“He put his hand on Sharon’s back and then moved it down onto her butt,” Bruxvoort said. “She looked back at me and we made eye contact and I remember, kind of wild, because he’s supposed to be a good progressive guy and now I feel uncomfortable.” 

Boulton does not deny the claims, but he told Local 5 that after the article was published on Wednesday that he wants voters and supporters not to judge him so quickly on the allegations.

Boulton will remain a state senator for the Des Moines area. Several top Democrats had called for him to drop out of the race.

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