“Somber” reopening of Walmart in Pella


PELLA – Shoppers at the Walmart in Pella describe the reopening as “somber.” 

Thursday a driver rammed his truck through the front door of the building. 3 people were killed. The store reopened Sunday but a large wooden panel covers the area of the building where the truck crashed. 

“It just kind of hurts your heart” said Ben Prinsloo as he stared at the front of the building. 

Inside customers said the freezers which were damaged have been replaced with flowers and snacks. Some people who did not have to buy anything from that area of the store still found themselves near that isle. 

“I went and looked at the one freezer cases that was there. I didn’t have to go there but I did and they had taken out quite a section of that,” explained Edd Dejong. 

At the front door a group from Prairie Pride 4H was already scheduled to volunteer to bell ring for the Salvation Army. Instead of canceling, the group decided to try to help cheer people up. 

“We’re sad but we were hoping to help people by singing and ringing bells. We’re trying out best,” explained Sarah Yoder.  

Others showed their support to Walmart employees by telling them how much they appreciate them. 

“I saw him [employee] and I gave him a big bear hug and said I’ve never been happier to see you,” said Katie Eubanks. 

Investigators plan to reconstruct the crash site to decide whether they will charge the driver. They do not believe the crash was intentional but would not say what caused the crash. 

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