Student athlete files discrimination lawsuit against ISU


AMES – An Iowa State athlete says her coaches went to far.

One of the University’s top tennis players is filing a discrimination lawsuit.

Erin Freeman loves tennis, and she has worked hard to have a successful college athletic career that earns her a scholarship. But she says having her coaches treat her differently. And not getting help from the university leaders has lead to a lawsuit.

Erin Freeman dedicated her life to tennis and academics. She became a top player on ISU’s team while also earning top honors as a student.

Freeman says the two tennis coaches treated her differently that most of the other girls on the team.

She is one of two African American players.

Freeman describes a specific incident when the team traveled to Florida.

The assistant coach was supposed to drop her off near a local college to do a photo assignment for one of her ISU classes. The coach instead left her several blocks from where she was supped to be.

Freeman tried to go to ISU’s Athletic Director, Jamie Pollard, with her concerns.

After all of this, it was Freeman who got punished and suspended from the team.

Once Erin Freeman filed the suit, both tennis coaches were let go, and Erin Freeman was reinstated to the team.

The court case is pending, and she’s deciding how to continue her education and tennis career.

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