Tech company partners with Mall of America to ease navigation


BLOOMINGTON, MN – The new app offers digital directories and step-by-step navigation instructions to help you find your way. 

Minnesota’s Mall of America is a favorite of many Iowans – with more than 500 stores and no sales tax on clothing, what’s not to love? With 5.6 million square feet of property, however, navigating the mall can be frustrating at times.


Now, a first for the industry, MOA is launching digital directories to make shopping easier and more fun for guests.


Mall of America partnered with Minnesota-based tech company Express Image to debut 100 new digital directories throughout the mall. The directories offer the option of maps with step-by-step instruction. Guests can also use their phones to live-chat with a digital concierge while they navigate the mall.


With over 40 million annual visitors, MOA is the largest shopping and entertainment complex in the continent, and it is now a pioneer of digital shopping mall maps.


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