Thief steals from local roofing company


MARSHALLTOWN – During the rebuilding process from the tornadoes in July, one local business says their trailer was stolen. 

“Our siding guys were and they had a trailer there with them. Overnight the lock was cut and it was stolen,” said Jeremy Huber. 

Huber says they’ve been stationed in Marshalltown since the beginning. Helping residents get back on their feet. 

“So far we’ve done 150 houses, somewhere in that neighborhood. We tarped a lot of roofs in the very beginning. We didn’t necessarily roof those houses, but we helped people get their tarps out so they didn’t have water coming in and leaks,” said Huber

To get one of their 15 trailers stolen was a big loss. The thieves left behind a broken lock, and no sign of the trailer. 

“it’s kind of expected, but it’s tough because you don’t want any of your stuff stolen. We believe that it’s out of state and another roofing company took it when they were leaving and they took off. So we don;t expect to find it, but we would like to find it,” said Huber.

The company is giving a $1,000 for anyone who has any information on where it might be. For now they’ve changed all the locks on their trailers. Those can’t be cut. They’ve also installed tracking devices in them and have cameras set up at work sites.

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