Tiny Acre Farms Wanting Mobile Flower Truck


DES MOINES – It would be one of a kind in Des Moines and an urban flower farm, Tiny Acre Farms, are looking to raise money for their kickstarter which began earlier this month.

Tiny Acre Farms has a 32 day fundraising window and are looking to raise $15,000 by November 20th. They will use the fundraising money to convert an old Lamoni ice cream truck into a mobile flower truck.

Owner of Tiny Acre Farms, Stacy Moeller said, “We’re looking to take our bouquets which we currently sell online and here at Dog Patch Urban Gardens and take them to the customers so just like area food trucks we’ll be scooting around the streets selling our bouquets and bringing them right to our customers.”

The money raised will go towards engine repairs, new upholstery inside the truck, a new backdoor for easy loading and unloading, a new serving window and of course Tiny Acre Farms mint green paint on the outside.

If not enough money is raised by November 20th then pledgers will get their money back and Moeller and her team will re-evaluate what to do next.

Tiny Acre Farms opened their doors last fall and after one year of success they are hoping the expansion of a mobile flower truck will make it easier on their customers.

Moeller said, “I definitely think it makes it easier for the customer if you forget your wife’s birthday lets say, you can slip over and grab something on the way home. It makes it easier for us in that we get that direct line to the customer and we’re hearing exactly what they need, getting feedback from them and getting to see them everyday which is honestly my favorite part.”

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