Trendy ways to relieve soreness and stress with CryoSpa Iowa


URBANDALE – If you’re looking for a new and trendy way to recover from soreness and stress CryoSpa Mind and Body Wellness has the treatments.

Staff at the cryo shop say it’s a great place to recover, rejuvenate, and be more energized!

They offer whole body therapy, to light therapy, relaxation therapy, and fat removal.

Bridget Sandquist, the owner of CryoSpa Mind and Body Wellness, says this is the only cryo shop in Iowa to offer all these treatments in the same place.

“If you’re suffering from depression and it’s really going to improve your mood,” says Sandquist. “We really can hit any aspects of your life to really help along your wellness journey.”

Helping to get blood flow back into areas, athletes and stress holders have seen the benefits.

“This is causing all the vessels in your body to vaso constrict. So, it’s forcing all that blood into your core,” explains Sandquist. “Than your body is working extra hard to push it back out.”

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