Vermeer talks about disaster preparedness


PELLA – It’s been five months since a tornado hit the Vermeer plant in Pella.

Now executive members are talking about how you can be prepared if disaster strikes at your home.

On Thursday, they invited people to join them at the Polk County Emergency Operations Center in Des Moines to go over the things you need to know.

They really stressed the importance of having a plan like they did. 

“Team members take it seriously,” said Steve Flann, the Senior Director of Environmental Health & Safety Vermeer Corporation. “They go into the shelters when they’re supposed to and on that day specifically they were in the shelters for almost 30 minutes before the tornado occurred so that’s just that practice makes perfect and they did a really nice job following through procedures the way they normally should and were in that safe spot when that tornado hit. “

The biggest thing they said that went wrong was they never practiced what happens after the tornado. They say talking about the dangers of coming out of their shelter was just as important as talking about the dangers of a twister. 

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