Warren Co. will not gravel popular road


WARREN COUNTY – Wednesday was a major win for Norwalk residents who live and drive along 80th Avenue. 

“They are going to keep their paved road and we are going to do patching on it”, Warren County Board of Supervisor Crystal McIntyre said.  

The Warren County Board of Supervisors wanted to convert the mile long road from pavement to gravel. Residents in the area were upset to find out construction crews would tear up the road June 18th. 

Some board members don’t think it is the wisest way to spend tax dollars, since next year more patching will be needed.

The City of Norwalk says it agrees something needs to be done. However, they fear the property value of residents could go down. 

“Many of them when they chose to develop or build in that location they were doing it along the paved surface and to see it go to granular even though it would have calcium and little dust
they would see it as going backwards”, said Norwalk City Manager Luke Nelson. 

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