WATCH: Broad daylight burglary caught on camera


MONROE – Security footage caught a burglar in action out in Jasper County. In the video you can see him carrying several guns out of a home north of Monroe. Now police need your help identifying the man, or the car he was driving.

Lucas Smith and his family live off the beaten path in Monroe, which is in Jasper County. Lucas says the town they call home, doesn’t see much of this.

“People steal stuff out of peoples garages, but it never amounts to nothing,” says Smith. “You hear gas cans coming up missing, but you don’t hear someone breaking into somebody’s house with a brick.” 

But now, tape holds together the glass panel and the door. 

Luckily Lucas has security cameras, which caught all the action. You can see the suspect carrying out six of Lucas’s guns and loading them into a white car. The man also took some other random things in sight. 

“It didn’t seem like he knew what he was looking for, he just found something.”

Lucas says most of the stuff is replaceable. But some of the guns have a lot of meaning. 

“Two of them were handed down from my grandpa so those are the ones I really want back.” 

Lucas says even though his door was locked and the camera’s were rolling, his guard will be up from here on out. 

“It’s an eye-opener. It wasn’t something I worried about ever before. Nobody thinks about getting broke into.”

Right now the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is looking over the surveillance footage trying to find the suspect. They say the break in here is just part of a string of crimes that happened in the area. 

Lucas had a lock on the chest where his guns were, but the suspect still broke it open. He said now he will probably invest in a safe.

As for the suspect, he is facing second-degree burglary, because of the firearms. That is a felony.

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