Woman charged in fatal crash gets second OWI

DES MOINES- A woman who drove drunk and killed two men has been arrested again for OWI.
Friday night, Lucas County Sheriff’s deputies saw Deanna Gliem’s blue Ford Expedition erratically approaching an accident scene. Gliem’s brakes screeched as she slide to a stop one hundred feet from the accident. In a report, a deputy wrote he waved her to the side, but Gliem kept going. 
Shortly after, another deputy pulled Gliem over and instantly noticed her bloodshot and watery eyes. In a report, he described Gliem as nervous, edgy and unable to show her license and registration. 
After failing all sobriety tests, deputies found open alcohol containers in Gliem’s trunk. They also found a Gatorade bottle full of some type of alcohol and rum in her purse. 
Gliem’s BAC was nearly twice the legal limit, at .112. She was booked and released from the Lucas County Jail. 
The scene was all too familiar for the Sonnenburg family. 
“I don’t know how to express it. It’s just disgusting,” said Tamara Cox, who’s uncle was killed in November. 
Gliem was driving drunk in November of 2015 when she drove down Hubbell Avenue going 72 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. Gliem hit Cox’s uncle Randy Sonnenburg and his best friend, Rick Hummel, head on and killed them instantly. 
“I don’t understand and she won’t learn from her own mistakes,” said Darwin Sonnenburg, who’s last surviving brother was killed in the crash. 
Gliem was charged with vehicular homicide by OWI after the 2015 crash. However, the Sonnenburg’s are angry her bond was set at a “low” $250,000 and didn’t have to be cash only. Gliem’s son bailed her out. 
“I’m more mad, I’m angry. I don’t know how to react. It’s heartbreaking that she’s choosing this. 
Randy was a brother, an uncle, a friend,” said Cox. 
After this weekend, Gliem was charged with OWI first offense because her other charges have not gone to trial yet. She also was driving while barred. Again, her son bailed her out of jail. 
Local 5 News went to Gliem’s son’s house and met Gliem walking outside. She yelled at our newscrew to get off of the property and said “no comment” repeatedly. 
“I’m wishing eye for an eye and should be in jail. I was upset, I had tears in my eyes,” said Sonnenburg.
Gliem’s trial is set for September when the family hopes she’ll be held accountable. 
“It’s been hard knowing we need closure… that’s what we’re looking for. It won’t bring anyone back but it’ll help us feel better inside, I believe.”
On Thursday morning, the state requested to revoke Gliem’s bond from her vehicular homicide charges, implying she’s a danger to society. The decision could mean Gliem goes back to jail. 
The hearing is on Monday morning in Polk County Court. 
Stay with Local 5 as we continue to cover this story. 

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