Cars with Cron: “Grandma’s” 4th Annual Veterans Car Show and Sock Drive

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INDIANOLA — For the past four years, a very special event has been put on to honor and support our nations heroes. “Grandma’s” 4th Annual Veterans Car Show and Sock Drive looks to raise money and sock donations to help veterans right here in Iowa.

This year, 112 cars showed up in Indianola to support the cause. With over three-quarters of the show participants being veterans.

The show raised around 1,500 pairs of socks to be donated to local veterans homes and veteran organizations.

Through the car show and various other charity efforts, the show organizer Patricia Barrer helps five different veterans organizations here in Iowa and over 1,000 individual veterans throughout the year.

Patty (pictured in red) announcing awards at the 2019 Veterans Charity Car Show and Sock Drive

To learn more about how you can get involved, get a hold of “Grandma” at her Facebook page found here.

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