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Food truck specializing in Nashville hot chicken selling out almost every day

Grilled or fried, on a bun or a biscuit. What makes the best chicken sandwich? While the debate rages on, one Iowa food truck shows its recipe for success.

DES MOINES, Iowa — What makes the best chicken sandwich? 

Is it crispy or fried? Spicy or plain? While the debate continues, one Iowa food truck is sharing its recipe for success.

Chicken Heat is owned and operated by Peter Cooper, who told Local 5 that his food truck isn't a place for "normal" chicken. 

"No, no, no. This is not the place to get regular chicken," Cooper said. "For regular chicken, go to KFC." 

The food truck posts regular updates on its Facebook page for where it'll be at on service days. 

However, lots of the posts going up say "sold out." 

"We've been selling out every day," Cooper said. "There's always a nervousness to starting a new venture. Especially putting up all the capital and you're seeing that bank account go down, down, down and nothing coming in." 

Things with Chicken Heat are looking up, though. 

"We have faith in the recipe. We believe in the recipe, and we knew it was a good product so we knew it was gonna sell," he said.