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Coronavirus: how Iowa's universities are monitoring it

The U of I, ISU and UNI are all doing their due diligence in keeping their students safe from the novel virus.

IOWA, USA — With the number of Coronavirus cases on the rise in the U.S., everyone is preparing for the possibility that it might come to them; including Iowa's public universities.

The University of Iowa, known for their medical programs, is monitoring the virus very closely.  They also provide frequently asked questions to give more information on the virus and how to prevent it.  The University is also following travel guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and the State Department.

In response to a warning from the CDC, Iowa State has prohibited travel to Italy, and are currently making arrangements for any students studying abroad there to return to the U.S.  They've also prohibited university-sponsored travel to China and South Korea.

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The University of Northern Iowa is monitoring reports from several different national and state agencies on the daily.  They have not outright prohibited university-based travel, but recommend anyone with plans to travel to China cancel them as soon as possible.

As of now (March 1 around 3:30 p.m.), there have been no cases of the Coronavirus reported in Iowa.  All three universities say the overall risk for Iowans to contract the virus is low, but preventative measures should still be taken with as much seriousness as possible.

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All three of Iowa's major public universities also provide answers to frequently asked questions about the virus, travel recommendations from the CDC and State Department and ways to prevent contraction.