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TikTok Doc's tips for making masks fun and comfy

Now that masks are part of our back-to-school uniform, here are three tips from the TikTok Doc, Dr. Rose Marie Leslie, on making masks more fun!

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn — Whether you're going to the grocery store or going back into the classroom, many of us have to wear masks. Let's face it, it's not fun. And sometimes they can get irritating! 

We reached out to Dr. Rose Marie Leslie, also known as the TikTok Doc, for her three tips on wearing masks:

1. Make sure they have the right fit

Masks should go over the bridge of your nose, over your mouth, and under your chin. It shouldn't be too tight to where it tugs on your ears, but you don't want it to be loose either!

2. Avoid irritation

If your mask irritates the back of your ears, you can use a headband with a button sewn on and wrap the ear loops around that instead.

3. Get creative!

Make sure you like your mask and it represents your personality and style. They have Batman masks, kitty masks, you can get plain white cloth masks and tie dye them fun colors, you can also get masks with your favorite sports teams on them!