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What counts as voter fraud?

DES MOINES – It's illegal to vote twice in Iowa even though other states allow it.
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DES MOINES – A local Donald Trump supporter is making national headlines after being charged with voter fraud. 

Terri L.Rote of Des Moines was arrested last week after being accused of voting twice.

This comes after the GOP presidential nominee has frequently complained about the possibility of “voter fraud” swaying the 2016 presidential election in favor of democrats. 

“I know they’re all saying oh, of course everything is so legitimate, everything is so — perhaps i’m a more skeptical person, okay,” Trump said at a rally in Colorado Sunday. “But you’ve got to get those ballots in. You can go to university center, and they give you a ballot. You can void your old ballot, do a new ballot. In some places they probably do that four or five times but we don’t do that,” he continued. 

That recommendation was given to Colorado voters where it’s illegal to vote more than once. 

According to CNN among the states that do allow voters to change their early ballot after it’s been cast are: Wisconsin; Minnesota; Michigan; Pennsylvania; New York; Connecticut; and Mississippi.
As for Iowa, the law specifically states it is “election misconduct in the first degree when someone votes or attempts to vote more than once at the same election. “
Voter fraud also includes falsely claiming you’re someone else.  Destroying an application for a ballot or an actual ballot and intimidating someone into voting.