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Ankeny family succeeds in building giant snowman in their front yard

The Peters family built a 15-foot tall snowman in an effort to do something fun and unique over winter break. They succeeded!

ANKENY, Iowa — Building a snowman in the winter is a fun way to bring the whole family together— but building a 15-foot-tall snowman made the experience unique for the Peters. 

The snowman took a couple of weeks, about 50-60 hours total, to create. 

Using an 8-foot-tall ladder, Curt Peters and his family got to work. Curt's winter break was longer this year as an Iowa State University student, so he and his family had plenty of time to spend with each other. 

"Luckily the days we were working on it were a little warmer so it wasn't as bad. But then once we got going we didn't want to leave a giant snow pile in our yard so at that point we had to finish or else our neighbors would've thought something strange was up," Curt said. 

Folks have heard about the larger-than-life Frosty, and took to the streets to see it themselves.

"We built up a giant column of snow. The bottom stuff was easy we just shoveled it on. The top of it, I was on a ladder and my friends and family would hand up chunks of snow to me and I would stack them on top and then once we got it to the height we wanted we started carving it down," Curt said. 

With snow coming in this Friday, they're sure to keep the giant up for a little while longer.