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Happy Moments Vol. 75: Cool birds + dog tantrum

Iowans are sharing a smile during the pandemic, including a way for birds to chill out, a reminder how to wear a mask, and a dog "howling" in anger.

DES MOINES, Iowa — We made it through a very hot weekend. And as we people were looking to cool off, you can bet the wildlife was doing the same. Deanna from Des Moines has a good heart. She put ice molds in her bird bath to give the birds a little escape from the heat.

Credit: Deanna

The dog days of summer seem to be happening from behind a mask. Not everyone loves them, we know that. Sandy shared this picture so we could all lighten up and have a laugh. The dog is showing the right and wrong ways to wear a mask....and who could be mad at a face like that.

Credit: Sandy

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Have you ever heard a dog crossed with a fog horn? This is my bulldog Mack, and he was really upset that I left for a walk and didn't take him. This is his mad voice. His temper tantrum was my happy moment and I hope you had one as well!

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