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Five generations of family celebrating 100-year family reunion at Iowa State Fair

With at least 80 people and five generations on the fairgrounds, the Sloan family isn't slowing down anytime soon.

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Sloan clan is bringing five generations of people together at the Iowa State Fair as they celebrate their 100th family reunion this year. 

"My grandpa was the champion fiddler down on the fairgrounds for years and we did that, and when he camped we would shut the road down and have square dances in the middle of the road for all the campers around us," said family member Tami Randolph.

With at least 80 people and five generations on the fairgrounds, the Sloan clan isn't slowing down anytime soon. 

"Both sides of my family camp up here. My parents met at the fair, both working at the fair, and I was born at the fair," Kendra Fouch said. 

Colleen Adkins and her brother, Frank, have been continuing the tradition of bringing the family together. 

The whole family is involved with the fair in different ways. 

"My aunts had food stands on different areas of the fair in the '40s, my brother had a food stand in the '60s and now my niece has a food stand," Colleen said. "And the tradition carries on for 100 years."

The family moved into their campgrounds on July 29, and they haven't missed a day of the fair festivities yet. 

Colleen said "My dad would be smiling down on us," since the fair is their family's thing. 

"Everybody lived to go to the fair, that was a big thing, we're going to the fair," said family member Joni Bell. 

While the family loves their time at the fair, they say the best memories are made at the campgrounds. 

"Well, it means everything to me because family is number one, and that's why we're all here," Eric Elstad said.

The family travels from all over the country to make sure they don't miss the Iowa State Fair and the family reunion each year.

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