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Prosecutor resists pretrial release motion for suspects in Fairfield teacher's killing

Two 16-year-olds are facing first-degree murder charges, with attorneys asking for pretrial release instead of the current $1 million cash-only bond.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Local 5 is naming both suspects in this case due to them being charged as adults and the severity of the charges.  

16-year-olds Willard Miller and Jeremy Goodale both face first-degree murder charges for allegedly killing Nohema Graber, a Spanish teacher at Fairfield High School.

Attorneys for both suspects have requested a bond review hearing from the court and are looking for pretrial release to be granted. The two are currently in jail on $1 million cash-only bonds.

Miller's attorney says he does not have a criminal record, and his family has the ability to watch him 24/7 if he is released from jail on bond. 

"A cash or surety bond is not necessary to reasonably assure the appearance of the Defendant, and in lieu thereof, the Defendant should be released on his own recognizance or with supervision to Dept of Correctional Service," an attorney for Goodale wrote in their request.

This comes after Fairfield Community School District Superintendent Laurie Noll posted a YouTube video reassuring families that safety is a top priority.

"We know that you are concerned, there is no viable threat to students," she said. "All rumors or threads have been investigated by law enforcement, and they stated that our schools are safe."

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On Tuesday morning, Assistant Attorney General Scott Brown responded to one of the motions for bond review, saying Miller is "charged with a brutal murder," and that he "made numerous statements indicating his involvement." 

Brown also wrote, "no conditions of release supervision would provide for the safety or welfare of any community in which he resides." He argues Miller is a danger to the community.

The judge has the ability to hear arguments on the filings and decide whether the bonds should be lowered or remain the same. A response from the court has yet to be publicly filed as of Tuesday afternoon.

Both suspects have preliminary hearings scheduled for Friday.

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