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Cedar Rapids police officer shows off skateboarding skills

A Facebook post says Officer Shawn Hagarty drove up to some skaters, rolled down his window and said "I bet you can't trick like me."

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Who said that being on patrol as a cop isn't fun?

An officer from the Cedar Rapids Police Department decided to show off his skateboarding skills Sunday after a group of teenagers let him borrow their skateboard.

A Facebook post shared by the Cedar Rapids Police Department showcases Officer Shawn Hagarty's tricks.

The videos show him attempting multiple tricks, which he completes with ... moderate success.

"He ended up laughing with us, skating around and attempting some, not half bad, kick flips," Kaylynn Bensaad wrote on Facebook. "We are so glad this officer on patrol didn't make the assumption most officers would seeing a group of grungy looking teenagers..."

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